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Backflow is a reversal in water or sewage direction caused by a reversal in water pressure.  Whether it’s water or sewage that backs up, contamination occurs.  Backflow can occur and be confined to your own property or stem from problems with the city water supply.  If left unchecked, the results can be harmful to your health.

At Blau Sudden Service, we are backflow inspection and prevention specialists. First, let’s see  how backflow typically occurs:

  • A break in a city water line can cause polluted water and other contaminants to  enter the city water supply.
  • Line flushing and firefighting can produce the same harmful result.
  • Water systems that are supplied by wells or come in contact with untreated and contaminated streams or ponds also create potential backflow hazards.
  • A toilet flush valve without an anti-siphon device can permit toilet odors, vapors and worse to get into household plumbing and the water you drink.
  • If a garden hose is used to clean out sewer lines or rain gutter downspouts, a drop in pressure can cause contamination from those sources to be drawn back into your water supply.
  • Similarly, water being used to fill a swimming pool can be drawn back into the water supply during pressure drops, bringing contamination with it.
  • If an insecticide attachment is used on a garden hose, backflow can cause a potentially lethal contamination of water supplies.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is backflow and how can it affect my health?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of water or sewage flow due to changes in water pressure. This can lead to contamination of your water supply with pollutants or harmful substances, posing significant health risks. Ensuring your plumbing system is equipped with proper backflow prevention devices is crucial to maintain the safety and purity of your water.

How does a city water line break influence backflow incidents?

A break in a city water line can drastically reduce water pressure, which may cause contaminated water or other substances to enter the city's water supply system. This event can trigger backflow in your property's plumbing, potentially introducing pollutants into your drinking water and creating a health hazard that requires immediate attention and prevention measures.

Can firefighting activities cause backflow problems?

Yes, firefighting activities often require large volumes of water, which can lead to significant drops in water pressure. This decrease in pressure can result in backflow, where contaminants from various sources may be drawn into the water supply system, necessitating the need for effective backflow prevention to safeguard your water quality.

Why is it important to have an anti-siphon device on my toilet flush valve?

An anti-siphon device on your toilet flush valve is essential to prevent backflow, which can allow unpleasant odors, vapors, or even more harmful contaminants to enter your household plumbing and drinking water. Installing such a device is a proactive step in maintaining a hygienic and safe water supply in your home.

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There are lots of potential causes of backflow, and only one sure way to guard against it.

That’s why Blau Sudden Service offers you our professional backflow testing and prevention services; namely, to help protect your family’s drinking water by blocking contaminants from entering your home.

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