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5 Ways to Save Energy this Winter in Your Southeast Wisconsin Home

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You can have the best home heating system in the world, but there are still more things you can do, very affordably, to cut your energy costs even more.

1. Add another Layer of Attic Insulation

Since the majority of homes built before 1980 are under-insulated, heat escapes through the ceiling, past the roof and into the atmosphere because of a lack of insulation in the attic. According to the Department of Energy, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to cut heating and cooling costs – and make a home more comfortable – is to add more insulation in the attic. As a general rule, if you have less than 11 to 12 inches of attic insulation, you probably need more…especially in colder climates like here in Southeast Wisconsin.

2. Turn on the Humidifier

If your furnace doesn’t have a built-in humidifier, use a portable unit in frequently occupied areas such as the bedroom and living room. The additional moisture will increase the “heat index” inside your home, making 68° F feel more like 76° F. The relative humidity in the home should be between 20 to 40 percent. To help avoid condensation on windows, lower the percentage as the outside temperature gets colder.

3. Warm Yourself before Heating the Entire House

Put on a sweater before turning the thermostat dial. Each degree you raise the thermostat on your heating system increases your fuel bill by 3 percent.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Why heat the house when nobody is home? A programmable thermostat can automatically lower and raise your home’s air temperature when you are at work or sleeping. By simply turning your thermostat back from 72° F down to 65° F for eight hours a day, you can save as much as 10 percent on your annual heating and cooling costs.

5. Let the Sun Shine in & Replace the Windows

Open the window shades on the south and west side of your house during the day to maximize the warmth of the sun, and close them at night. If you, like half of American homeowners, have single-pane windows, consider replacing them with thermally efficient windows that use a special low emissivity (Low-E) coating on the glass that reflects heat back into the room during the winter months.

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