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8 Ways to Refresh Your Home

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A New Year often brings the need for change. And for many, that includes a rethink of their home. But refreshing your home doesn't have to include major projects and remodeling. Some simple and quick changes can breathe new life into your space, fast.

Whether you are looking to incorporate new interior design trends, add a little character to your home, or simply make it feel lighter, brighter, and more organized, there are plenty of easy things you can do to refresh your home for the year ahead.

Revive the Entryway

Make yourself smile the minute you pull into the driveway by giving your entry and foyer a facelift. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, new mailbox and house numbers, and a new door mat can go a long way to making you and your guests feel welcome. Once inside, add storage baskets and wall hooks to improve functionality and, if space allows, an entry table to collect mail and keys

Update Organization Systems

Getting organized is a popular New Year’s resolution, but for many it can be quite overwhelming. Start by carving out time each week to tackle one room or area at a time. Sort items into three piles: keep, donate, and toss. Once that’s complete, update your storage system so there’s a logical place for everything.

Start With a Blank Slate

Once you put the holiday decorations away, examine each decorative item and accessory before adding it back to the room. Does it still suit your taste and work with the room? If not, add it to your “donate” pile.

Update Lighting

Even if new lighting fixtures aren’t in the budget, you can dramatically change how your home looks and feels by swapping out harsh incandescent lightbulbs for energy-saving LEDs. Make a few of them smart bulbs that you can control from your phone or tablet and choose from a rainbow of colors, adjust the warmness, and schedule your lights to turn on and off automatically.

Add a Coat of Paint

Between incorporating new color trends and simply freshening up existing color schemes, paint is a wonderful and accessible tool. You don’t even have to paint the entire room. Paint smaller sections like an accent wall, trim, or the ceiling to make the space feel new.

Go Shopping – In Your Home

You don’t need to spend money to breathe new life into a room. Rather than purchasing new items, borrow accessories and small furniture pieces from other rooms in your home. It’s a fun and easy way to give your home a boost of energy anytime you feel like it.

Finish What You Started

When finishing a home improvement project, the final few details can sometimes get put on the backburner. If you have an unfinished project that’s been nagging at you, now’s the time to check it off your to-do list. Whether it’s adding artwork to the walls you painted a year ago or purchasing an area rug to bring a newly remodeled space together, finalizing these finishing touches will make your home look more inviting and put together.

Adapt to Changing Priorities

Your home may have been styled and decorated to accommodate a stage of life you’re no longer in. Are your children transitioning into adolescence, but your family room is still set up for toddlers? Or perhaps you’re an empty nester who could use a guest room or home office. Lifestyles and priorities change throughout the years, and homes are more comfortable and livable when they adapt to those changes.

At Blau Sudden Service, we, too, can help make your home a more comfortable and inviting place to be. From electrical panel upgrades to accommodate your growing electrical needs to complete heating, cooling, and plumbing services, our highly trained specialists are ready to address all your home comfort needs.