From Well to Shining Faucet, Blau Helps Deliver a Steady and Abundant Supply of Water to Your Home.

Well Pumps & Tanks

Very few things matter more to your everyday living than a steady, abundant and reliable source of water.  So for all of our well water customers, Blau is pleased to install and maintain the very best in well water tanks and pumps on the market today.

Well Tanks

WELL-X-TROL® redefined the industry in 1963 with the invention of the first pre-pressurized well tank. Today, Well-X-Trol Next Generation well tanks continue to deliver unparalleled performance and longevity, making them the most recognized brand on the market. With its sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, Well-X-Trol remains the choice of professionals like Blau Sudden Service.

Well-X-Trol now offers a 7 year warranty – an industry first. Better performance, expanded options and a longer warranty; it’s the definition of what a well tank should be:

  • The industry’s only 7-year warranty
  • High Strength Steel (HSS) that provides best in class 150 psi pressure rating
  • Tuf Kote® indoor/outdoor gloss finish, now standard
  • Patent pending DuraBase® synthetic stand for stable, corrosion-proof support
  • Patent pending Turbulator that agitates water to ensure clean, fresh tasting water and prevents sediment build-up that can cause diaphragm wear
  • Stainless-Steel system connection

Well-X-Trol also offers more options and sizes than any other well tank manufacturer, including both vertical and horizontal designs, and sizes ranging from 2 gallons to 119 gallons enabling your Blau home water specialists to configure a system that’s right for any application.

Well Pumps

At Blau, we also recommend and install Sta-Rite well pumps.

Their products are highly reliable and you can always count on them to supply you with the water that you require. Plus, Sta-Rite manufactures submersible, jet, and centrifugal pumps to cover all residential and commercial applications.

All Sta-Rite pumps feature the Pentek Intellidrive which maintains constant pressure output regardless of fluctuating demand.  When the water demand increases (e.g., the dishwasher gets turned on), the pump speed increases allowing constant pressure at all times. When the water demand decreases (the dishes are done), the pump speed decreases. The pump maintains constant pressure by only speeding up when it needs to

How’s Your Well Water Treating You?

Contact Blau Sudden Service today for more information on how we can improve your well water supply, flow, and overall reliability.  And remember:  we’re water filtration experts, too.


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