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There are lots of ways you might discover your hot water heater is no longer up to the challenge…like when you start yelling to a family member to stop running the kitchen faucet because your shower water has suddenly turned icy cold!

Sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to any longer.

At Blau Sudden Service, we can repair all water heater makes and models.  We also provide expert water heater inspections that cover all working components and any potential safety hazards, such as gas or CO (carbon monoxide) leaks.

When it’s time for a new water heater, you can count on Blau for the expert advice and right equipment for any size house or family.

  • Conventional Gas – Natural gas water heaters are reliable and recuperate up to 40% quicker than electric models.  They also have higher efficiency ratings and just as much storage capacity. So, it’s possible to meet your water-heating demands with a gas unit that has a smaller storage tank than an electric unit with the same rating.
  • Electric Water Heaters – Where natural gas is not available, electric water heaters represent an effective and reliable alternative.  Utility costs tend to be higher with electric units, but they are often superior to gas heaters in design, installation, maintenance, and service life. Where the total cost of ownership and operation are considered, electric water heating can be more economical.
  • Tankless Water Heaters…featuring reduced energy costs, longer system lifespan, and hot water on demand…as much as you need!

Water Heater Accessories

Here are a few ways we can help you obtain greater value and reliability from your existing water heater.

  • Water alarms – An alarm sounds when your water heater leaks, allowing you to take corrective action before the problem grows worse.
  • Pressure regulators – These keep water pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit…that protects the unit and connecting pipes from leaking or bursting.
  • Timers – A timer reduces energy consumption by draw power only when hot water is needed.

Blau Sudden Service is your “total solution” water heater plumber. Call us today for service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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