To Get the Most Out of a New Heating System, You Need to Think Outside the “Box.”

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All too often, replacing your furnace or boiler means literally that:  one box is put in to replace another. 

Well, that’s not how things happen with Blau Sudden Service.

Before we even think about what to install, there are a number of factors to be considered and steps to taken, including:

  • Performing heat load calculations to make sure your new system is neither too small or too large.
  • Inspecting your existing ducts to make sure they’re properly sized and free of cracks and leaks.
  • Checking to see if heat is escaping into your attic or into other unheated areas of your home.
  • And more.

A correctly “sized” heating system is absolutely crucial to your comfort and the efficiency of your system.

One of the most common and most costly mistakes people make when buying a new heating system is purchasing one that is too big for their home — the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that nearly half of all existing heating equipment is over-sized, and that this results in 20% wasted energy each year!

Selecting too small a system is just as bad.  That’s because your system will struggle to keep your house warm on the coldest winter days. Efficiency goes “out the window”…along with your family’s comfort.

The Blau team of home comfort specialists also listens very carefully to your wants and needs before recommending one system over another.  What do you need today?  How might your needs change a few years from now?  Are you planning to move in the foreseeable future or remain in your home for the long haul?  These and other factors all play a part in system selection.

It’s Not Just the System…It’s the Installers.

Up to 65% of your new system’s performance is determined by how well it’s designed, installed and calibrated:  furnace, boiler, electric heat, or radiant heat…we install them all!  At the same time, improper installation can leave you with higher energy costs and a less comfortable home.

Expected Energy Savings.

Older, conventional furnaces or boilers often have an energy efficiency rating lower than 65%. Today’s more efficient heating systems have efficiency ratings that range from 78% to 97% for forced air systems and 80% to 95% for hot water systems. That’s why upgrading to a new, more efficient system can potentially reduce your monthly heating bills by 20-40%.

Contact Blau today for expert advice, a comprehensive proposal, and a new heating system you can live with, comfortably and affordably, for many years to come.

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