There’s a Lot to Like about a New Central Air Conditioning System from Blau…Starting with Long-Term Peace of Mind.

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No one actually WANTS to replace a home air conditioning system. You’d love to think the one you have now will last forever.

But here’s the thing: it’s not just how long they last, but how efficiently they run.  Here’s what we mean:

  • Today, you can buy a brand new system that operates at up to 95% efficiency…meaning there’s virtually no wasted energy.
  • By contrast, and if your current system is at least 8 years old, chances are it operates at no better than 60% efficiency.

Bottom line, a new or replacement system can cut your AC operation costs by up to 25%

Here are a few other clues that your current system might be on its way out:

  • Uneven temperatures from room to room.
  • Noisy operation…this could also be caused by undersized or cracked ductwork.
  • Your system has to work longer and harder to achieve and maintain the desired temperature.
  • More frequent and more costly repair problems.

Whatever your reasons might be, count on the home comfort professionals at Blau to design and install the right system for you.

In the process, we’ll perform a heat load calculation to determine how much system you need.  We’ll also examine your ducts for cracks and leaks.  Plus we’ll check for air leaks into and out of your home to help your new system run as reliably and  efficiently as possible.

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