Ductless Air:  A Great Alternative to Heat and Cool Your Home.

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Ductless air is exactly what it sounds like: a home comfort system that does not use ducts to circulate air.

Ductless air systems (also called mini-splits) were especially designed for homes where ducts can’t be installed, new additions, and existing rooms that your ducts can’t reach.

With a ductless system, you have an outside condensing unit, just as you would with a central A/C system.  But here’s the key difference:  each ductless unit can support from one to four inside blower units that circulate the air in the room or rooms your systems was designed to reach.

Here’s more about ductless systems:

  • Ductless air systems are whisper quiet with no ducts to pass through.
  • Systems are available for air conditioning only, or heating and A/C combined.
  • They’re super energy efficient.
  • They feature remote control operation.
  • The blowers are attractive and can be installed pretty much anywhere, e.g., on a wall, inside a closet…even on the floor.

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